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This is the official website of The International Students - Historians Group.
This Website has 2 main objectives: Helping to Protect the World Heritage and share/connect students, professionals and history enthusiasts in all range of fields.

Regarding Heritage protection, it is our mission to ensure the protection of historical and cultural heritage throw out the world. To report sites at risk, just select the section of the page in the menu called "Heritage in Danger" and download the report form. After filling in, you need to send it to

Regarding our second objective, our page will continue to share information between the history community and helping to make History more accessible to everyone.

With our project "Confabulating" we bring a new level to our project "Education".

In the different sections of the menu on the page, you can select several sharing tools. Make good use of it and make some connections.

Don't forget, knowledge is power!

In the future, we plan to have some online courses, interviews and some video and audio content.



For everyone that is interested in sharing their papers, thesis, reports, essays or other type of research, please email us on the link below*. You will need to include your paper and we will add it on the dedicated topic on the blog website. For any video or audio, the process is the same. By sharing your work it will be a good source of knowledge for everyone and open doors for discussions and progress.



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Future Events

  • Religious Minorities in Ancient Greece and Rome
    Wed, 23 Jun
    23 Jun, 21:00
    With Prof. Julietta Steinhauer
  • Montes de Areia - Dunas Costeiras Objecto de Estudo da História Ambiental
    30 Jun, 21:00
    Com a Dra. Monique Palma
  • Slavery and Abolition in 20th century Africo
    Wed, 16 Jun
    16 Jun, 21:00
    With Prof. Benedetta Rossi
  • Religião e Contos Folclóricos Ocidentais no Século XIX
    Wed, 09 Jun
    09 Jun, 21:00
    Com Andréa Caselli
  • The Garden of America: Nature, Wonder, and Nationalism in the 18th century Creole Jesuit Narrations of Chile
    02 Jun, 21:00
    With Morgana Lisi
  • Filosofia e as suas Diferentes Histórias
    Wed, 26 May
    26 May, 21:00
    Com a Dra Joana Rita Sousa
  • Winner of Call for Papers
    Wed, 19 May
    19 May, 21:00
  • History of the Oceans
    Wed, 12 May
    12 May, 21:00
    With Prof. David Abulafia
  • Para lá da a Agressão: Relações entre Vikings e Ibéricos
    Wed, 05 May
    05 May, 21:00
    Com o Dr. Hélio Pires
  • Ancient Rome
    Wed, 28 Apr
    28 Apr, 21:00
    Prof. Arena Valentina from UCL
  • Política e Sociedades Coloniais Brancas no Sul de Angola: O Caso das Altas Terras da Huíla (1958-1975)
    21 Apr, 21:00
    Dr. Bruno Carvalho
  • Magic in Medieval Europe
    Wed, 14 Apr
    14 Apr, 21:00
    With Prof. Sophie Page from UCL
  • Arqueologia em Cabo Verde: O Arquipélago Crioulo e os Oceanos
    Wed, 07 Apr
    07 Apr, 21:00
    Projecto Concha
  • Liberal Thought
    Wed, 31 Mar
    31 Mar, 21:00
    With Prof. Stewart Lain
  • Genealogia da Casa de Lencastre
    Wed, 24 Mar
    24 Mar, 21:00
    Com a Prof. Manuela Santos Silva
  • História do Clima
    Wed, 17 Mar
    17 Mar, 21:00
    Com o Prof. Alveirinho Dias
  • History of Collecting
    Wed, 10 Mar
    10 Mar, 21:00
    With Prof. Lucia Gunning
  • Ethiopian History
    Wed, 03 Mar
    03 Mar, 21:00
    With Prof. Alexander Meckelberg