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This is the official website for The International Students & Historians Group.
The Group has 3 main objectives: helping to protect the world heritage, share/connect students, professionals and history enthusiasts in all fields of history and make history accessible and free to everyone.

Regarding heritage protection, it is our mission to ensure the integrity of historical and cultural heritage throughout the world. To report sites at risk, just select the section of the page in the drop-down menu called "Heritage in Danger" and download the report form. After completing the form, you need to send it to

Our page will continue to share information between the history community and helping to make History more accessible to everyone.

With our project "Confabulating" we do exactly that, making sure all members can have access to a wide range of international professionals and their expertise's on the fields. 

Don't forget, knowledge is power!



To everyone interested in sharing their papers, thesis, reports, essays or other type of research, please email us on the link below. You will need to include your paper and we will add it on the dedicated topic on the blog website (after review). For any video or audio, the process is the same. By sharing your work it will be a good source of knowledge for everyone and open doors for discussions and progress.


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Future Events

  • The status interaction during the reign of Louis XIV
    Wed, 26 Jan
    26 Jan, 21:00
    With Prof Giora Sternberg
  • The Bible in the Medieval World
    Wed, 19 Jan
    19 Jan, 21:00
    With Prof Lesley Smith
  • History of misbehaviour, particularly amongst medieval students
    15 Dec 2021, 21:00
    With Dr Hannah Skoda from The University of Oxford
  • History of Photography in Medicine
    Wed, 08 Dec
    08 Dec 2021, 21:00
    With Dr Sloan Mahone from The University of Oxford
  • Iberian Empires
    Wed, 29 Sept
    29 Sept 2021, 21:00
    With Prof. Giuseppe Marcoci
  • The Crown: History VS Myth
    Tue, 21 Sept
    21 Sept 2021, 21:00
    With Mr. Hugo Vickers
  • Presença Militar Portuguesa no Norte de África no Séc. XV
    Wed, 15 Sept
    15 Sept 2021, 21:00
    Com o Dr. Pedro Sebastião
  • Economic Development Since The Middle Ages
    Wed, 08 Sept
    08 Sept 2021, 21:00
    With Prof. Sheilagh Ogilvie
  • A Natureza do Tribunal do Santo Ofício em Portugal
    Wed, 25 Aug
    25 Aug 2021, 21:00
    Prof. José Pedro Paiva
  • Gandhi and Peace
    Wed, 18 Aug
    18 Aug 2021, 21:00
    Dr Faisal Devji
  • História do Clima: Do Paleolítico aos Tempos Modernos
    Wed, 11 Aug
    11 Aug 2021, 21:00
    Prof. João Pedro Cunha-Ribeiro
  • Salazar e o Poder: A Arte de Saber Durar
    Sun, 08 Aug
    08 Aug 2021, 21:00
    Prof. Fernando Rosas
  • O Ambiente Aquático da Baixa Mesopotâmia (III-IV Milénio A.C.): Uma Análise Interdisciplinar
    28 Jul 2021, 21:00
    Com o Dr Jaime Silva
  • Food and Social Class in Middle Ages
    Wed, 21 Jul
    21 Jul 2021, 21:00
    With Professor Paul Freedman from Yale University
  • Estadi da Questão: Género na Idade Média Portuguesa
    Wed, 14 Jul
    14 Jul 2021, 21:00
    Com a Prof. Ana Rodrigues
  • Newton's Religious Views
    Wed, 07 Jul
    07 Jul 2021, 21:00
    With Professor Robert Illife from Oxford University
  • Montes de Areia - Dunas Costeiras Objecto de Estudo da História Ambiental
    30 Jun 2021, 21:00
    Com a Dra. Monique Palma
  • Religious Minorities in Ancient Greece and Rome
    Wed, 23 Jun
    23 Jun 2021, 21:00
    With Prof. Julietta Steinhauer